Hawai‘i Building and Construction Trades Council Endorses the Following Candidates for the 2018 Primary Election

We proudly supports the following candidates & thank them for their commitment to serve our community, our state and the many working men and women of the construction trade unions we represent! Mahalo.

Colleen Hanabusa

Mayor - Kauai County
Derek Kawakami

Mayor - Maui County
Michael Victorino

United States Senator
Mazie Hirono

U.S. Representative, District II
Tulsi Gabbard

State Senate
Kaiali‘i Kahele, District 1
Dru Kanuha, District 3
Lorraine Inouye, District 4
Rosalyn Baker, District 6
Jamie English, District 7
Brickwood Galuteria, District 12
Breene Harimoto, District 16
Clarence Nishihara, District 17
Michelle Kidani, District 18
Alicia Maluafi ti, District 19
Maile Shimabukuro, District 21
Kenneth Ito, District 24

State House of Representatives
Mark Nakashima, District 1
Richard Onishi, District 3
Joy San Buenaventura, District 4
Nicole Lowen, District 6
Cindy Evans, District 7
Dain Kane, District 8
Donald Couch, Jr., District 11
Lynn DeCoite, District 13
Nadine Nakamura, District 14
James Tokioka, District 15
Daynette Morikawa, District 16
Mark Hashem, District 18
Bertrand Kobayashi, District 19
Calvin Say, District 20
Scott Nishimoto, District 21
Thomas Brower, District 22
Sylvia Luke, District 25
Scott Saiki, District 26
Takashi Ohno, District 27
John Mizuno, District 28
Daniel Holt, District 29
Ernesto Ganaden, District 30
Aaron Johanson, District 31
Linda Chong, District 32
Samuel Kong, District 33
Gregg Takayama, District 34
Roy Takumi, District 35
Dean Hazama, District 36
Ryan Yamane, District 37
Henry Aquino, District 38
Ty Cullen, District 39
Lynn Robinson-Onderko, District 41
Sharon Har, District 42
Stacelynn Eli, District 43
Georgette Jordan, District 44

City And County Of Honolulu

Honolulu Council Members
Heidi Tsuneyoshi, District II
Trevor Ozawa, District IV
Carol Fukunaga, District VI

County Of Hawaii
Susan Lee Loy, Hawaii Council District 3
Bronstein-Glenn Kossow, Hawaii Council District 7

County Of Maui
Claire Carroll, East Maui
Ernest Balinbin, West Maui
Alice Lee, Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu
Alan Arakawa, Kahului
Mike Molina, Haiku-Paia
Yuki Lei Sugimura, Upcountry
Riki Hokama, Lanai
Stephanie Crivello, Molokai

County Of Kauai
Arthur Brun
Mason Chock, Sr.
Ross Kagawa
Arryl Kaneshiro

OHA Trustee
Anthony Makana Paris, OHA At-Large Trustee
Ellen Pohai Ryan, OHA At-Large Trustee

Paid For By: The Hawaii Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO without the consent or knowledge of any candidate..."Building A Better Tomorrow"

Hawai‘i Building and Construction Trades Council Endorses Colleen Hanabusa for Governor

HONOLULU — The Hawai‘i Building and Construction Trades Council (HBCTC) today endorsed Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa for governor of Hawai‘i. This is the fourth major endorsement Hanabusa has received since announcing her bid for governor. Read full article

Aloha and Welcome!

The Hawaii Building and Construction Trades Council (HBCTC) was first chartered on October 1, 1958 and has served Hawaii for over 60 years.

Its’ membership is comprised of Hawaii’s various Construction Trade Unions. At the very core of its existence lies the primary mission and commitment to providing Hawaii’s working men and women with hope for a better tomorrow.

Pupukahi i holomua…Unite to move forward!

HBCTC remains actively involved in shaping the landscape of Hawaii economically, politically and socially in an effort to “Build A Better Tomorrow” for its members and for the community at large.

Through its participation politically on a local, state and federal level, HBCTC strives to support government policy that helps strengthen the construction industry and provide a fair and equitable wage for the many hard working men and women of the trades.

HBCTC lends its support to developers and land owners in an effort to promote smart growth techniques and practices that support growth while being sensitive towards the need to manage and maintain our valuable natural resources.

HBCTC through its members Apprenticeship and Workforce Development programs ensures that there are sufficient levels of highly trained and skilled tradesmen to accommodate the ebbs and flows of the construction industry in Hawaii.

HBCTC is very proud of the work that it has done over the years and the role it has played in making Hawaii the special place that it is. We thank those that have supported our efforts through the years and look forward to what lay ahead with much optimism and enthusiasm.